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CTX beta 1250 TC

Turn & Mill complete machining with the new ultra-compact patented turn-mill spindle compactMASTER

Max. workpiece diameter
500 mm
Max. workpiece length
1,200 mm
Max. bar capacity diameter
102 mm
Max. X-Axis
490 mm
Max. Y-Axis
250 mm
Max. Z-Axis
1,300 mm
ctx-beta-1250-tc-highlight picture 2

Complex turning and milling operations with ultra-compact turning/milling spindle and up to 20,000 rpm

  • Turning and milling spindle compactMASTER with 12,000 rpm, 22 kW and 120 Nm
  • ± 120 mm Y-stroke for external machining
  • Swivel range of B-axis ± 110° for maximum flexibility

Tool magazine as a disk or chain magazine for shorter set-up and idle times

  • Disk magazine for 24 tools in standard
  • Chain magazine with 48 or 80 stations as option
  • Tools up to 400 mm length and Ø 120 mm 

6-sided complete machining by main spindle up to 700 Nm and optional counter spindle

  • Integrated spindle drives with up to 700 Nm for maximum cutting performance
  • Counter spindles up to 360 Nm and 65 mm bar capacity as option
  • Optional with complete package for bar machining with automatic workpiece pickup device


  • Precision in μm range
  • Positioning accuracy up to <6 μm and repeatability up to <2 μm
  • Linear scales in the linear axes of the traveling column (X1 / Y1 / Z1)
  • Liquid-cooled spindles and cooling of the X- / Y- / Z-motors
Application Examples

Standard automation and customised solutions in the VERTICO design

Automation is a key element of digital production. Every DMG MORI machine can be upgraded with standard automation or with a customised automation solution for flexible manufacturing systems:

Control & Software
CELOS and Industry 4.0 by DMG MORI


Integrated digitization of the DMG MORI machines & the shop floor:

  • CELOS Machine: APP-based user interface with access to all production-related information
  • CELOS Manufacturing: 27 CELOS APPs for the optimal preparation & processing of orders
  • Digital Factory: Continuous digital workflows from planning to production & service
Service & Training
Downloads & Technical Data
Technology segment
Turn & Mill
Technology integration
Work Area
Max. X-Axis
490 mm
Max. Y-Axis
250 mm
Max. Z-Axis
1,300 mm
Max. workpiece diameter
500 mm
Max. workpiece length
1,200 mm
Max. bar capacity diameter
102 mm
Magazine capacity
Max. capacity
Basic functions
Counter spindle
Production Type
Single parts
Small series (< 50)
Medium series (50 - 1000)
Large Series (1000 - 100.000)
Bar Feeder
Gantry loader
Steel / Cast
Titanium / Inconel

Configure your new CTX beta 1250 TC

You would like to configure your machine by your own? And experience the variety of technical solutions online by yourself? The brand-new DMG MORI machine configurator is offering you the perfect basis! Easy, intuitive and lucid you can specify and customize your own CTX beta 1250 TC fitting to your individual needs. At any time, at any place! Start right now!