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LASERTEC 50 Shape Femto

Generation of high-end surfaces in high-performance materials up to Ra <0.1 µm with femtosecond laser

Max. X-Axis
500 mm
Max. Y-Axis
460 mm
Max. Z-Axis
700 mm
Control & software alternatives

5-axis laser precision machine for complex prototypes as well as special processing
made of carbide, powder-metal steels, ceramics and other advanced materials.

  • Linear drives with acceleration > 1 g
  • Highly dynamic torque motors in both rotary axes (B- and C-axis)
  • Compact machine design with only 4 m² footprint

Best machine features for high-end machining

  • Tunable laser source with variable pulse length and burst modes
  • High positioning accuracy of ≤ 8 μm
  • CCD camera and 3D measuring probe for fast setup

3D laser ablation for the production of miniature molds, extrusion dies, inscriptions and engravings

  • Contact-free machining without need of electrodes and without tool wear
  • Highest repeatability and reproducability
  • Machining of standard materials up to Advanced materials like glass, ceramics and tungsten carbide
  • Surface qualities up to Ra < 0,1 µm in carbide tools
Application Examples
Control & Software
Service & Training
Downloads & Technical Data
Max. workpiece diameter
300 mm
Max. workpiece height
350 mm
Max. workpiece weight
14 kg
Work Area
Max. X-Axis
500 mm
Max. Y-Axis
460 mm
Max. Z-Axis
700 mm
Use case
Laser ablation / texturing